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Jazzed Estates & Property Solutions, LLC is Your Premiere Real Estate Solutions Company in the Greater Capital Region of New York. Our mission is to help distressed homeowners recover from many real estate challenges and to help them navigate the sale of their unwanted, hard-to-sell or distressed home. An unwanted home can often become a burden, both emotionally and financially. Certainly, as investors, we are in business to make a modest profit, but our true mission is to help homeowners resolve their present home ownership situation. We provide knowledge so that homeowners can make informed decisions.

Depending on the home’s condition, some of their options could be to:

  1. Sell their house to Jazzed Estates & Property Solutions, LLC (‘JEPS’) for redevelopment (flipping).
  2. Sell their house to JEPS for redevelopment and renting (buy & hold).
  3. Assign their property to JEPS for resale to another investor to flip or buy & hold. (wholesaling)
  4. Project ManagementAssist the homeowner via JEPS in redeveloping the home to create more equity in order for them to sell in today’s modern-driven marketplace. (Project Management)
  5. Project ManagementAssist the homeowner via JEPS in redeveloping the home for renting in today’s marketplace. (Landlord)
  6. Redevelop their property to create a home for their family to continue to reside. (redevelopment/interior design)
  7. Stage their home to present for better resale value. (Staging)
  8. List the property “as is” through our sponsoring Real Estate brokerage on the local and State Multiple Listing Services (‘MLS’). (Real Estate retail sale)

Let’s break these down for you a bit more:

1. & 2. & 3. Sell your home fast:

Unwanted property     ~     Distressed home     ~     Dated finishes     ~     Pre-foreclosure

Short Sale     ~     Relocating/Moving     ~     Divorce     ~     Need CASH FAST

We buy houses. There are no fees, no up-front costs, no commissions or any other charges. We will just give you the simple honest truth about your home and tell you how we will buy fast and pay fair to resolve most any property situation.

4. We will redevelop the house with you and serve as the Project Manager. We will guide you along the way, assist in contracting subcontractors, provide design assistance, help with repairs, obtaining permits, shopping and staging at completion. We will manage the project within today’s building code standard, sustain the integrity of the house and get your home looking and performing its best. This will provide you with a quality product and get you top dollar in today’s market. Then, we will list the property for sale and apportion the profit accordingly.

5. & 6. Similar to #4, we will assist in redevelopment. We are very budget conscious and will do everything we can to make your budget go the furthest and provide you with the best design possible in your style. Upon completion, we would apportion the increase in equity.

7. Staging a home increases a buyers perspective of a property. We will assist in organizing and/or storing personal belongings, stage using existing and/or rental furnishings and accessories and assist in renovations (paint, décor, repairs, etc…), if needed.

8. Or you may choose to sell your home ‘as is’. As a member of the New York State Association of REALTORS® (NYSAR) and the National Association of REALTORS®, we will List and Sell your home on the local Eastern New York Regional Multiple Listing Service (ENYR MLS) and the New York State Multiple Listing Service (NYS MLS). As a Licensed REALTOR®, we are held to the highest standard and our goal is to provide you with unbiased and excellent service. We have had a redevelopment sell in as little as just ONE DAY! That saves hundreds on holding costs.

And during the sale of you home, we can help you find your next home. With access to the ENYR MLS and the NYS MLS, we will market your property before thousands of REALTORS® in your local market and across the State! With our marketing technology and availability, along with a profound knowledge of the industry in all aspects of real estate, we will serve you well!

So just about no matter what your real estate need,

We are the keyto your property solution.

We believe in continuing education in Real Estate, both through our affiliations with NYSAR and NAR, as well as in Redevelopment through our affiliations with our National Network of Redevelopers who are helping tens of thousands of homeowners in difficult situations every year. As well as hands-on experience, of course.

We can help and we will do it quickly!

DON’T DELAY * CALL TODAY for your FREE initial consultation – 518-491-1383

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