Investors and Realtors

Investors and Realtors

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Investors and Realtors have a similar goal … to get houses sold fast!

Real Estate Investors (REIs) want to provide ANYONE with Real Estate concerns with positive solutions. And that includes assisting Realtors to get their listed homes sold! We see it all the time … listings sitting on the MLS unsold for hundreds of days. And we find there are MANY reasons this could be true:

1. Typographical errors – I was in a house just the other day that was listed as a 4 bedroom and it was in fact a 6 bedroom! So the price point made complete sense for an outdated 6 bedroom home, but was exhorbitant for a 4 bedroom … leaving it undesireable for the family seeking a 4 bedroom house for their family and not showing up in the search for the family seeking a 6 bedroom home.
2. Short Sale – these homes are in a pre-foreclosure status where a bank has agreed to potentially accept a reasonable offer lesser than the amount the owner owes on the property. This status allows a family to try to get their house sold before the bank forecloses on the home. In some areas, this process can take 3-6 mos … but locally to the Capital Region of New York, it can go into years in a pre-foreclosure or short-sale status! There is a process and not every buyer is willing to go through the lengthy process to purchase the house.
3. Family debate – there could be family scenarios, such as divorce or an estate, that causes family members to disagree on an acceptable offer for their or their loved one’s home.
4. Lack of Marketing – some Realtors may not have much of a marketing budget, imagination or plan to get a house noticed on the massive MLS and other listing sources. You need to be creative and willing to spend on marketing to get a house visual to potential buyers! Some Realtors simply lack in this area.
5. Distressed or outdated condition – if a home is lacking ‘sex appeal’ or the ‘wow factor’, many buyers will pass, even if it appears to be a good deal. They don’t want to work to make the house liveable to their standard. They want something liveable and move-in-ready.

So how can we help?!?

Well, for the typographical error, you may be on your own … but if we notice it, we will let you know, for sure!

But for the other areas, we can make your process SOOOO much easier! You see, we have lenders that will provide us with cash at closing to make the offer more appealing to sellers, making the selling process quicker and providing all parties with a win-win situation. The seller, the Realtor and we all get paid quicker!
1. Short Sale – Because we have cash on stand-by status, we can wait for the short sale process as long as it remains a good deal. Most buyers are looking for a quick sale for a home to move in to and cannot wait out the process. Those deals often fall through.
2. Family Debate – when there is an emotional attachment to the property, we are able to serve as an outside party willing to hear all sides of the argument and offer a potential solutions that will satisfy all parties. Cash at closing often speaks loudly at these meetings.
3. Marketing – we do quality marketing! Lots of it and with excellence! Realtors go about doing their regular marketing routine, as we add to it on numerous sites in many creative ways … including mobile! (ask us how – 518-491-1383)
4. Distressed or outdated condition – we pay cash for homes in any condition, in any location, in any price point, as long as the numbers work. These homes are so difficult to sell to the general public looking for a place to live. We can help you get that house sold quickly … for cash!
5. For the general public or others in the industry that find us these great deals, we pay a finders fee or referral fee. For Realtors, they benefit by getting all ends of the listing … that is up to FOUR COMMISSIONS FOR ONE HOUSE!. You find that house that is ‘lack luster’, let us know and we will work with you to get that house sold fast, putting commissions in your pocket quickly. AND, if all goes well, you get the high end listing post rehab, giving you yet another commission. And if you sell it to one of your buyers, you get that commission as well! You make out all around. AND, we want to do multiple houses at a time, so imagine the regular commissions you could achieve annually working with a Real Estate Investor!!

If you are a Real Estate Agent or Broker in the Greater Capital Region of New York, contact me TODAY and let’s make a deal! 518-491-1383

Credibility Note – Jazzed Estates & Property Solutions LLC is a local Residential Real Estate Redevelopment Company, all graduates of the FortuneBuilders Mastery Program and are part of a National Network of Investors. Our goal is to purchase distressed homes and re-sell 12-18 quality homes within the next year. We provide our team with consistency, increased income and success rate for those who choose to work with us, as well as increased home ownership and property value within the community. By working with our team, you reduce risk in your own business. We have systems in place that value time, make business more efficient and increase profit margins for all involved, including a detailed scope of work provided to our contractors to ensure timely completion of every project. We are long-term thinkers who know that all of our reputations are on the line. Would you like to make money in our system?

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