I Saw the Sign and It Opened Up My Eyes

I Saw the Sign and It Opened Up My Eyes

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I was listening to the song “I Saw the Sign” by Ace of Base the other day. As a Redeveloper, every time I hear it now, I think of those signs you see on the side of the road that say, “WE BUY HOUSES“. You’ve seen them. Ever wonder about those signs? Seemingly shady, maybe you thought they were a scam? Well, now that I am a Redeveloper, I’ve come to know the answer. Surprisingly enough, they’re not a scam. They are actually quite legitimate. Allow me a few minutes to elaborate … open up your eyes, so to speak … to help you to understand also.

What is WE BUY HOUSES all about?

You see, many Redevelopers (folks who restore older homes [aka flippers] … yes, like on HGTV … and myself) don’t have a brick & mortar office space to hang a sign on. Many work from home. (just like me … and even Chip & Joanna started by meeting with clients at the farm) So going to the office typically means going to the house we’re working on. Those signs you see that say, “WE BUY HOUSES” are simply a form of marketing, offering services to folks who may be trying to get out from under an UNWANTED PROPERTY that has become a burden. It just let’s them know there is help out there, no matter the condition of your home. It’s quite simply what we do … WE BUY HOUSES! Those signs are just the simplest form of advertising. 

There are a multitude of reasons one could need to sell a house quickly. You may want or need to:

  2. sell your home because of a DIVORCE
  4. sell grandma’s ESTATE that you just inherited
  5. renovate a DATED HOME that hasn’t been updated in years
  6. restore a DISTRESSED PROPERTY that has seen better days and needs a significant amount of repairs
  7. move since you’ve gotten a promotion requiring a JOB RELOCATION
  8. get out of PRE-FORECLOSURE status to prevent ruining your credit any further
  9. sell your home to prevent BANKRUPTCY and/or FORECLOSURE
  10. make an agreement with the bank to take less than you owe, putting you into a SHORT SALE.
  11. let us know of a VACANT PROPERTY in your neighborhood that you’d love to see someone do something with to increase your property value for when you go to sell.
  12. take your home off the market because it is UNSELLABLE
  13. hire a REALTOR®, as many of us hold a Real Estate license as well. And would be happy to guide you in navigating the preparation and listing process to sell the home on today’s marketplace.
  14. hire a STAGER to make your vacant property look homey. (not all redevelopers offer this service)
As the second line in the song goes, “Life is demanding without understanding”, so we want to help relieve some of those life’s demands. I mean, “No one’s gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong” doesn’t have to be your reality. We can be that light at the end of your tunnel! “But where do you belong?” We can help with that also! We can help you find you next home … and even help you with your move! Soon, even you will be singing about your old house, “I saw the sign and it opened up my mind, and I am happy now living without you, I’ve left you behind”. It’s a song of freedom from burden. Its a SIGN of freedom!

WE BUY HOUSES. There are no fees, no up-front costs, no commissions or any other charges. We will just give you the simple honest truth about your home and tell you how we will buy fast and pay fair to resolve most any property situation.

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