Property Solutions

Property Solutions

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We are Jazzed Estates & Property Solutions, LLC. We do just what our name says … we jazz up estates (houses) and provide a plethora of property solutions to our Clientele. Some of those property solution options are:


  • Redevelopment Investor…

We Buy Houses – As Is ~ Any Condition ~ Any Price Point. If you have a home that is in less than stellar condition, we will tour your home and give you the honest truth about your home and make a reasonable offer to help you ‘get out from under’ unwanted real estate. Especially if you are facing foreclosure or bankruptcy. Or even if it is simply due to a job relocation or divorce and you need to sell quickly and get out fast. We will provide options of several property solutions available to you for a quick resolve!

  • Redevelopment Support

did you inherit a less than desirable estate, but want to fix it up and keep it for your very own? We will help you every step of the way to ensure you have a quality home without over-improving for the neighborhood.


we will help you buy or sell a home anywhere in the State of New York. As a Buyers’ Agent, I will search with you until we find the home you have been wanting, walking you through the entire process so you can be an informed buyer! As a Sellers’ Agent, I have a marketing plan that surpasses most Agents in the Capital Region and across the State of New York.

  • Staging

if you have a furnished home that needs a refresh or full redesign, we will turn your home into a showpiece for potential Buyers. And if your home is vacant, we will provide furnishings to fit the style and location of the home to help it feel like home to buyers looking in that area.

  • Redesign

it is important to maintain your home in order for it to appreciate in value over the years. And maintenance is more than just basic repairs. Stay with the ‘times’ and update your homes’ finishes to keep its appeal and value, both inside and out!

  • Organization

closets and cabinets and toys, oh my! Put my OCD to work for you and get ready to love your house again! Or maybe you need help packing for the big move. We’ll help you stay organized, even in packed boxes.


Whatever property solutions you need, give us a call TODAY and get your project started. You don’t have to do it alone!


We are the  to your property solution!


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