Ready … Set … Goals!

Ready … Set … Goals!

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Ready … Set … GOALS! Let’s jumpstart your goal setting and create a vision for the life you want. There are many steps to take in reaching the life you want, so let’s start with baby steps.

You must first know that setting goals is a writing process. Just having ‘goals’ in your head will not help you to stay accountable to those goals. So get your your pen and your paper ready and start writing.

Often, the hardest part of goal setting is finding the time to set your goals. If you wish to be successful, setting goals needs to be added to your list of goals TODAY! Make it a priority to at least start with weekly goals. But first, let’s create a vision so we know where we are headed.

Goals -> Vision -> MissionOnce you decide, “Today is the day I will begin to take time each week to set my goals for the week”, you will first need to determine your vision. What do you see as your end goal? Look out … as far out as you can see … to the end … yes, to your funeral or tombstone. What do you want people talking about you at your funeral? What is written on your tombstone? Who are you as a person, but more importantly, who is the person you want to be? How do you want to be remembered? This information is vital. If you know how you want to finish, you will be able to determine the steps you will need to take to get you there. Write it down as if you can hear the people talking. Don’t miss one conversation. Hear it all, as you would want to hear it then!

Goals - steps toward successNow, take steps backward from your funeral and see the space around you. If you were able to make all of your dreams come true, what does it look like? Your home. Your car. Your closet. Your wallet. Your bank account. Name all of the physical things you have surrounding you. Write them all down. Every single last one of them. See the dream as a reality before you. Don’t leave anything out.

Let’s go a little deeper …  How do you ‘feel’ about your life in the future with all of your dreams having come true? Your emotional life. Your spiritual life. Your physical being. Your relationships. Write down how you want to feel throughout your life. Maybe you want a deeper relationship with God. Or maybe a better connection with your children. Or a more romantic relationship with your spouse. And what about you? How do you feel about yourself? What are all the aspects about you, like your health and fitness and emotions? Dig deep and be sure not to leave anything unearthed. We are not talking about how you are feeling now (that’s a whole other blog), but how you will be feeling in your dream future.

You should now have lists and lists of things you see for yourself in the future. It is so important to identify your specific goals before you and determine their priority. You may want to take a couple days to think about it and write them down as they come to you … an exhaustive list, so to speak. You have now taken the first step toward reaching your goals!

Goals focusedOnce you cannot think of another thing, start sorting through your lists and categorize them (Business Goals:  Business Development, Education, Organization, Networking, Business Relationships, Staff, Financial, etc.)(Personal Goals: Physical, Emotional, Fitness, Spiritual, Intellectual, Psychological, Material, Professional, Financial, Creative, Adventure, Character, Legacy, Friends, Family, Romance) Arrange them by category, then arrange each category by priority (Weekly Goals; 1 Year Goal; 3 Year Goal; 5 Year Goal; Life Plan). You may even have already achieved some you can add to your ‘Accomplished’ list!

As you go about setting up your goals lists, remember – SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE FOCUSED on the important details and prioritize accordingly with discipline. They take care of themselves, knowing they need to be in prime shape to be able to take care of business and others. Always keep the ‘Big Picture’ at front of mind to ensure you will achieve what matters the most to you! Stay focused! That will help you to stay inspired and engaged.

So let’s hit the ground running! Ready … Set … GOALS! This will be one of the best decisions you will ever make, for your life and for your career. Keep the things that matter most top of mind and in your sights. Know SUCCESS is at the finish line!

Next time, we will talk about breaking down your goals to more bite size pieces, as well as setting up your Mission Statement! So be sure to stay tuned!


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