Reasons Not to Wait to Sell

Reasons Not to Wait to Sell

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So you’re planning to sell your house. You begin to think of all that will need to be done in order to get your home in order … the cleaning, the organizing, the decluttering, the packing, the storing, the painting, the repairs … and so much more. There is often much time and money spent in preparing a home for sale. And then there’s the stress of keeping it that way during the process. But there are many reasons not to wait to sell!

The average person gives much thought to the sale of their home. And with good reason. It is a significant financial responsibility to consider. So, of course, we want to do everything we can to ensure we get the most money possible for our home.

Then the thoughts turn to ‘when’ is the best time to list my home on the market? Many feel the winter months would be a poor time to list a home. But that is not always the case. Think about this … do people buy houses in the winter? Of course they do! Some people have to move for many reasons … job relocation, school change during winter break, divorce, disabled, etc. Those that are looking in the winter are motivated buyers. While others choose to buy in the winter simply because they feel they can get a better deal. So yes, there are people that are looking to buy a home in the winter months.

What’s in it for the Seller is there is typically a significant lack of inventory to compete with. So you’re house is more likely to be seen by these motivated buyers. Homes hitting the market in the Spring will dramatically increase, giving your home more competition. And that time starts soon!

Many want to wait to move in the nicer weather. So it stands to reason you would market your home NOW so that you and your Buyers can move in the lovely Spring weather. It typically takes up to 60 days to sell a home once it is under Contract, so that now puts us into May.

Don’t wait until Spring Cleaning to get your little piggy ready for market. Beat the rush and be in demand! The Buyer pool has increased in the last few weeks, so give them something to look at.

What are the reasons not to wait to sell?

  1. Getting house ‘Show Ready’ for professional photography and showing tours
  2. Cold, blustery Winter weather blues
  3. Waiting for Spring Cleaning
  4. Waiting for School Summer Break

Don’t let these reasons slow you down! Buyers are already shopping, so set your wheels in motion NOW and get your home on the market before your competition does!


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