Top 12 Moving Reminders for Home Buyers

Top 12 Moving Reminders for Home Buyers

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Moving can be a stressful time for most home buyers. Many things get lost in the shuffle or forgotten. So I thought it would be a good idea if I shared my top 12 moving reminders for home buyers. Here are a few things to do before Closing day:

1. Your Homeowners Insurance should be set to go into affect on your Closing date. Provide an Insurance Binder to your attorney prior to the Closing. Be sure to let your insurance company know if you have been provided a home warranty.

2. Contact your utility provider to advise them of Closing date and request they transfer power into your name when the present customer turns theirs off. That way you don’t have to wait for reconnect.

3. Put in a mailing address change with the post office. This will give you a year to inform your bill collectors, magazine subscriptions, etc. of your address change. But be sure to start informing these companies of your new address as soon as possible.

4. Let DMV know of your address change within 10 days of moving. No need for new license, but is legally required that once notified, you write new address on your license in the space provided for change of address immediately.

5. Contact Social Security re new address, as that will affect your tax returns. Also be sure to notify any and all financial institutions, such as your bank, lenders (car loan, previous mortgage lender, credit cards, etc), child support, social services, disability insurer, payroll provider, etc. to ensure no lapse in financial provisions.

6. Back up electronics, as reboot in new home could cause issues, or should anything happen to electronics in the move.

7. Purge anything you haven’t used or worn in the last year. When packing, have additional boxes that say “STORE”, “DONATE”, “SELL”, “RECYCLE”, “TOSS”. This makes for easier packing and unpacking of only useful items for the move. Craigslist and online garage sale sites are great for getting rid of the old to make room for the new.

8. Organize your belongings for each area of the house before you pack. This helps to ensure items are packed with like items for easier unpacking in designated room.

9. Mark your boxes not only with what room they go in, but also note what is in them in the event you need to find something before unpacking. Use color stickers (dots, squares, …) on boxes to delegate which room boxes go in and use mailing labels to list items that are in the box. NOTE * They also have ‘Room’ and ‘Fragile’ labels, if preferred. And, if buying boxes, they typically have a space for checking which room it goes into. Just put colored dot next to the room designation.

10. Create an Inventory Journal. You can use a notebook or create a 3 ring binder. Use color stickers (dots, squares, …) on boxes and on  inventory list to note what is in each box for easier searching if you need something before unpacking. You can use mailing labels to list items that are in the box. Number each box for each color code and note in your inventory list to ensure you know what is in each box. And be sure to note how many boxes will be moved to ensure every box is received at the new house.

11. When loading the truck for the move, be sure the babies room gets loaded LAST. This will ensure your baby needs will be the first off the truck so you can set up the babies room first for napping during the big day! Its a better idea to get a sitter for babies and pets. But if that’s not possible, this option can help your baby feel at home in a new house even before you get fully settled in.

12. Be sure to call your local locksmith and get all locks changed as soon as you move in. Remember how many people have had access to those keys. Better safe than sorry.

I hope these top 12 moving reminders for home buyers helps you get better prepared for the move ahead. Add a little prayer too … for good weather, protection over belongings, safety with vehicles, smooth transition for kids and pets, your sanity, etc… And may your move be blessed and your family feel at home quicker!



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