Staging a Welcoming Foyer or Entryway

Staging a Welcoming Foyer or Entryway

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Sure, the Buyers’ first impression may be the curb appeal. But with home shopping on-line, your photographs are the true first impression. That’s what will bring them to the front door. But what awaits on the inside is what holds them. So it stands to reason you will want to engage in staging a welcoming foyer or entryway for photographing a space that will draw them in to your home when they arrive.

During a recent house tour with Clients, we entered a home and the first thought that crept into our minds was ‘DATED’. Upon entering, all we could see was a sea of gray and burgundy slate flooring. Yup, straight out of the 70s! Well, grandma loved it! But the rest of us were left questioning how much of the rest of the home has been left unimproved over the years.

Once we got over the initial sea of old-style slate flooring, we came to notice that, for such a grand open entryway, there was no space to set down your belongings when you walk in. Like a space for your bags so you can remove your shoes and coat. With such a vast opening, it was calling for a chair or bench with storage for removing and storing shoes; a table with a decorative bowl for your pocket change, sunglasses, mail or keys; a wall hook for keys; a nice coat rack so guests don’t have to see your over-stored closet; or even a nice entry rug to break up the look of the dated tile.

When you have buyers entering into a space with hard surfaces, you will want to throw in some soft textures to add warmth and coziness to welcome your guests. And add some artwork or unique alternative options on the entry walls to draw their eye through the space, instead of their attention lingering on the dated tile.

And for sure it can never hurt to offer up some great storage ideas. Adding storage to a space is always a great selling feature. So including a bench with storage for shoes, umbrellas and more is a great way to attract positive attention of Buyers.

These are just a few easy fixes to make Buyers feel welcome and comforted when entering your home. Don’t hope they like what you’re offering. Make them love what you have to offer! Give them the warm and fuzzies with the use of decor by staging a welcoming foyer or entryway. A great first impression helps the rest of the home feel more appealing. Now guests will look for the same types of features throughout.

To get more creative ideas for staging a welcoming foyer or entryway, Google images for entryway storage or check out Pinterest. There are ideas galore for you to choose from!


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